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Guns And Robots
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Guns And Robots is a Free to Play, Shooter MMO Game featuring Dynamic combat experience.

Guns And Robots - ''The game genre in unique mixture of shooter and online battle arena with fun, customizable options and numerous maps. Besides the usual shooter features the game is based on real – time combat with strategy elements for the different game modes. Players can team up and goof around as much as they like. The personal construction site or Burn – In Garage provided players with infinite ammunition and the ultimate option to test the robot configuration before entering the arenas. There are all sorts of breakable objects and every player can test his shooting skills while assembling. While in test mode, the player can move the robot around in the garage, feel the movement specifics of the different chassis and choose his favorite build.

Custom designed arena to test the look, movements and weapons of each robot configuration. BIG or Burn-In Garage provides each player the option to build his character from scratch to the ultimate killing machine and test their shooting skills while assembling their robot. Pinpoint enemies with multiple weapons simultaneously. Thousands of potential combinations per weapon allow players to fine – tune their arsenal according to their game play preferences.''



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