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Invincible Armada is a massively multiplayer online MMO, strategy role-playing game RPG, MMORPG, free to play on Facebook, from Neowiz.

Invincible Armada is a complex game where you can do a lot of things like: expeditions and quests for gold and experience, trade to increase your wealth, construction of base and colony, building up your own fleet to sailing by sea to confront pirates and sea monsters.

The gameplay is mostly quest-based, with NPCs located in a number of real world cities. Making missions you can increase the character's level and skill in combat, sailing, luck and knowledge, and also unlocking new combat abilities and increasing the maximum size of your fleet.

You can recruit other characters to join your crew, and they'll can command their own ships and learn their own abilities. Naval combat unfolds in real time, against computer-controlled enemy ships or against other players in PvP battles.

Invincible Armada has some standard city builder elements, so you will have a base of operations. Resources will be produced in basic buildings, and will be used in crafting structures. You'll have access to a ship-building facility to construct your own vessels from scratch.

In this game you can follow the old fashioned pirate style plundering, and to attack other players' bases and raid them for goodies.

Invincible Armada is a good game, with good graphic and sound, and you will not be disappointed to spend time in his company.



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