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Soldiers of Fortune
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Soldiers of Fortune is a asynchronous turn based strategy TBS, massively multiplayer online MMO, social game, free to play on Facebook, coming from Crazy Bit.

Soldiers of Fortune will put you in skin of a bloody mercenary, who choose weapon, equipment and special skills, grab medkits and grenades and going to fight. You will live a life full of dangerous adventures and achievements also.

Who played Jagged Alliance Online, will be familiarized with this third-person shooter, where the battles are asynchronous turn-based, with solid elements of strategy. To win the fights, you must colaborate with other team members, use terrain to get cover, use weapons and grenades, and to heal with medikit.

The player can be assaulter, sniper, support, scout, and will have to choose between several combat ways:

- Battles – 2 vs 2 fight / 3 vs 3 combat / 5 vs 5 skirmish

- Events – 5 vs 5 High-paid / 10 vs 10 battle / Stop drugs!

- Hunting

- Quick battle

Soldiers of Fortune offer a camp, where you will find some buildings like:

- Headquarters - give bonuses to make hunt more efficient

- Barrack - here you can hire and improve personal bodyguards, they will help you in hunt

- Training Center - here you can teach bodyguards to use medikits and grenades, etc

- Workshop - whose products increases player's parameters for a while

Some will like it, others don't, but Soldiers of Fortune has good sides, and offers a interesting gameplay.



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