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Sky Ocean
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Sky Oceans is a role-playing (RPG), social game, massively multiplayer online (MMO), free to play on Facebook, from Tyler Projects.

This game is still listed under its old name, Battle Stations, on the developer’s website, but on Facebook you can find it like Sky Oceans.

In this game the player embarking in a epic voyage to exotic lands in search of the adventure and, of course, treasures. To do this, you need to build a powerful battleship, that can fly around the world looking the adventure. The battleship can be upgraded and equipped with bigger guns and other equipments.

Sky Ocean lets you perform various quests, fight against the pirates, marine monsters, to engage battles against other airship captains (player-vs-player combat), and cooperate with friends on boss battles.

Every task needs energy to be performed, and if the player’s ship is damaged in battle, additional energy must be expended to repair it. Obviously this is a fragmentation of the action, you have to wait to recharging the energy, the gameplay suffering because of it.

Overall, Sky Ocean is a good game, and the fans of genre will not regret to spend some time in his company.



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