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RaceRoom - Racing Experience
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RaceRoom: Racing Experience is a Free to Play, Sport, Racing Simulator MMO Game, powered by ImmersiDrive, SimBin's latest physics evolution.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is a high end Free2Race game and allow everyone to download elements of the game for free, whilst those who want to add content will be able to do so by paying to download add-ons, featuring a community portal and an online store integrated into one. The game have racing of quality that exceeds anything else on the market or maybe not the nomber one but certainly it is in the top 3, at least. Needless to say something about the visuals, is enough to look at the screen shots and the video below and you will understand it all.

''The physics engine has been reworked in order to improve the tyre model, and driving dynamics of the game plus improvements to the collision detection system for improved damage detection as well as collisions in general.'' RaceRoom Racing Experience have an exciting potentiall, in my opinion, is worth and deserves to be played and especially to be supported.

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