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Kings & Warlords
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Kings & Warlords is a Facebook based, free to play, massively-multiplayer online strategy game (MMO), from Digital Chocolate.

In this game the player has an kingdom to manage him. This kingdom has a limited number of plots to build them up and develop. The world map, is the place where other players, AI controlled cities and resource areas await to be attacked and conquered.

Kings & Warlords has two distinct elements: building your kingdom and fighting.

To build you click a plot in your kingdom, select what you want to build and you wait for the construction time to pass until you’re able to use your new building. You can upgrade any and all your buildings, as well as research technologies that offer production and military bonuses.

In the military part you can train troops, scout lands and to attack Dark Knight castles (AI controlled castles) to plunder, neutral land plots that increase the production of different resources in your kingdom or other players. In battle, you can use boosts and Heroes to boost your attack strength, and there are some strategic options available (attacking, balanced or defensive).


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