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Dragon Saga
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Dragon Saga is a 3D Free to Play, Side-Scrolling Action, Role Playing MMO Game.

Dragon Saga - ''Legend of Elga - The Kingdom of Dragons, where a single day is equivalent to a 100 years in the world of mortals… The king of the Dragon Kingdom is also known as the ‘Dragon Lord’. The chosen one selected by 5 sacred Artifacts, a major component of the world will become the Dragon Lord. Elga, who is the leader of the 2nd Royal Guard committed treason in order to get his hand on the 5 Artifacts. Deckard, leader of the 1st Royal Guard tried to stop Elga but was defeated in the process and Elga using the Time Circle spell managed to escape through time and space.The 5 Artifacts fall into the mortal world through the twisted time and space. Each Royal Guard of the Dragon Lord descended onto the mortal world with purpose of retrieving the Artifacts. The 5 Artifacts sensing the threat of Elga, decided to spread their spirits throughout the mortal world and lost all their abilities as a sacred power.

The 5 heroes who were worshipped by others were actually 5 humans who had been embraced by the spirits of the artifacts. When the war to retrieve the 5 artifacts started between the legion of Elga and Deckard, it brought darkness and despair to the mortal world and all living creatures were embroiled in the chaos. The war seem to last forever until the 5 heroes who received their power from the artifacts joined in the war and upset the balance between the legion of Elga and Deckard. Elga and his legion were overwhelmed by the alliance of Deckard legion and the 5 heroes and he was locked up in the deepest labyrinth in the mortal world while his legion went into hiding. Deckard’s legion weakened by the war, was forced to return to the Kingdom of Dragon without the artifacts.

This war came to be known as the ‘Blue Blood War’ and the 5 human heroes were known as the ‘Heroes of Blue Blood’. However, Paris who was one of the 5 heroes, in her quest for power, exchanged her heart with Elga’s in exchange for power and immortality. Paris obtained the power and immortality she seeks but was dominated by Elga and became Elga’s slave. With the return of Elga the peace of the world is once again at stake. Who among the rising heroes and their allies will be able to once again restore peace to the world and become a true hero?''





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