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Guild Masters

Guild Masters

Saturday, 19 January 2013 07:49 florinel33
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Guild Masters is an Online Social Role Playing Game (RPG), free to play on Facebook, from Otherwind.

In this game you can create and customize your own avatar, and equip your character with a variety of items (weapons, armor, helmets, magic rings, and other). You may choice a guild - fighter, scout, priest or wizard - and then develop the character, increase his level, teach him new skils and develop his attributes, to become a Guild Master.

Guild Masters offer a lot of action: you can form party with different guilds and with your friends, ambush other parties and complete quests to earn experience, gain levels and find treasures. The battle system is asynchronous turn-based, and involve a good strategy to win the fight.

Guild Masters have a comic style, quite artistic, and after you get used with the game mechanics, you can enjoy this game.



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