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Confrontation Web Card Game

Confrontation Web Card Game

Saturday, 19 January 2013 07:42 florinel33
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Confrontation Web Card Game is a Facebook based, web card fighting game, free to play, from UserJoy Technology.

Confrontation Web Card Game giving players the opportunity to build their own cards decks, to be able to battle with their friends, or fight in tournaments to test their skills and tactics. This game offer a detailed tutorial to help players to start play and learn the rules. The Skirmish system with rewards, daily slot-machine rewards, and regular tournaments for low-points decks will give you access to the power cards, and (in time) you can be able to build a strong and competitive decks.

Graphics are not too astonishing, but the game is about cards battles, and probably less about graphics. The strategic elements seem to be limited to the mode how you build your decks. Also the luck have an important role in this game, the luck of the draw, of special abilities, of placement, etc. Once the fight started you can only be a spectator, and you can't change anything.

In Confrontation Web Card Game the succes depends on a ideal combination between an intelligently way to build decks, and a bit of luck.



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