MechWarrior Tactics - Free to Play (F2P), not Pay to Win, announced!

Sunday, 13 January 2013 15:54 mmoraw
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MechWarrior Tactics will be an Asynchronous, F2P Turn Based, Strategy MMO Game set in the MechWarrior Universe and playable on most major browsers using the Unity Engine plug-in.

MechWarrior Tactics not to be confused with MechWarrior Online - ''This is not your parents' BattleTech: Rather than just rehashing the table-top or other previous games, players will find something new with a mix of eye-catching action and thoughtful strategy. MechWarrior Tactics will still feel familiar to anyone who has ever, or will ever want to take control of a Lance of 'Mechs and lay waste to their enemies.

MechWarrior Tactics put you in the seat as a Commander of your own small Mercenary company, looking for work across the universe. You can build, expand and customize your Lances as you see fit. MWT is set to start around the year 3025 in the BattleTec Universe timeline and will embroil you in some of the most epic conflict to ever scorch across the Inner Sphere.

MWT is a F2P game that uses collectible “cards” to represent the resources used to customize your ‘Mechs and MechWarriors. You can collect these cards through purchasing randomized “booster packs” called STACs, that can be purchased via Scrap or C-Bills. Given that STACs contain random cards and that each card is assigned a value (Combat Value) which is used to help balance each player’s forces, I feel that we’ve tried our best to steer away from a “Pay to Win” model.''


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