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BC Wars

BC Wars

Thursday, 10 January 2013 18:23 mmoraw
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BC Wars is a Free to Play, Browser-Based open (sandbox) Role Playing MMO Game based in the prehistoric world.

''BC Wars is an open (sandbox) role playing game that is played right in your browser. The BC Wars is based in the prehistoric world where cave men/women coexist with prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs. The currency is clams, and the main goal is to amass as many of these as possible. There are many ways to go about doing this, and everyone will find their own path to riches.

The world of BC Wars is made up of three main regions: Pangea, Gondwana, and Laurasia. Each region has its own set of unique places to visit, explore, and things to do. Exploring different areas within these regions is one of the main ways to advance in the game. Exploring is measured by steps (similar to turns in other games), and you can take 200 steps per hour. While exploring, you can find clams, items, receive quests, and battle monsters.

There are two main types of battles in BC Wars. You can run into monsters while exploring, or you can battle other players in PVP battles from the Battle page. Monster battles allow you to get clams and items. You can make bets during PVP battles to win extra clams.''


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