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Martial Empires
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Martial Empires is old MMORPG re released in a new form. Does anyone remember the game Martial Heroes? It was released around 2004 and shutdown. Though I never got to see the game (or even know it until now), the game developer was ambitious enough to create a follow-up of its previous demise. Aptly called Martial Empires.

Character creation and customization is a bit more than just selecting hair, face and eye color. Advanced customizations, such as height and limb length, can be adjusted via its corresponding sliders. It's not as complex and detailed but at least there's a semblance of uniqueness for the character. There are, of course, class selections available: Mage, Warrior and Ranger. Each class has 3 weapons to choose from as well, with different combat/support specializations.

Quest markers will conveniently hover above the NPC or monster for your guidance. For the first few levels also, you also have the newbie advantage of having the quest locations automatically waypointed by following a series of blue lights. One minor setback is the lack of a formal tutorial session at the beginning of the game.

Grinding for experience points in quests and the usual mob-killing will result in less-than-expected gains. Sadly, the game is slightly stingy in rewarding experience points. Even skill points are hard to come by. Although there are instances of a hefty skill point reward, the character would more often receive a measly 1 skill point per level. The skill tree is reminiscent of World of Warcraft's talent tree, but with lesser abilities to unlock.

The stingy rewards and the limited character classes may be a letdown for most players. But if you're willing to look past that miserly treatment and possible graphical difficulties (if you're coming from an older video card), then Martial Empires can be your "number 2" game. All the MMO conventions are present in this one, and there's still plenty of room for potential. There’s not much to expect.


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