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Legends - Rise of a Hero
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Legends: Rise of a Hero is a browser based role-playing (RPG) mid-core social fantasy game, from Mob Science, free to play on Facebook or

The player can be one of three character classes - Warrior, Ranger and Wizard - each one of these with his own unique weapons and gear.

The game have two dimensions like city-building and combat elements. This means you need gather the resources - trees and rocks can be used to obtain building materials, which are used to finish construction of buildings purchased with gold from the store. To start a fight, need just click on monster, and you can combine the basic attack with the special attacks to obtain some strategy.

Legends offer possibility to make your own weapons and armors, thanks a crafting system with separate buildings for each type of item. You can also recruit friends and mercenary in Tavern.

Legends: Rise of a Hero offer a good graphics and sound, an interesting gameplay, trying to maintain player interest up.



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