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Fiesta Online
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Fiesta Online is a fantasy MMORPG. Fiesta draws you in with impressive crisp and cute, cell-shaded, anime inspired graphics. As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy world, you select from four classic character types: the healer, the mage, the archer, and the warrior.

Characters start off with crafting recipes available to them and gamers can easily play this game without investing any real cash to buy health potions and scrolls. Players looking for more than a hack-and-slash game will find things to do in this game like the crafting and harvesting as well as quests for acquiring those skills. Like many games of this genre, players will find Fiesta Online a "grind fest" where they must repeat combat behaviors so as to make their character more powerful, and that achieving levels above level 10 is hard to do.

This is not to say that the game isn't fun and engaging, just that progress slows down very quickly. Players will also find that some classes seem to level faster than others. Many quests in Fiesta requires players to work together to succeed, and the quests benefit the town and the townfolk.

Like many free-to-play online games, Fiesta Online often employs in-game as well as out-of-game events and competitions to keep things lively and interesting for players, as well as frequent updates and added content.

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