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Niborea - War for the Throne
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Niborea - War for the Throne is a 2D Browser-Based, Free to Play, Fantasy MMO Game that you don't need to spend so much time as in other web based games.

''Niborea is an online fantasy multiplayer game. The player becomes a prince who`s stepmother had used intrigues to take the throne from him. Something like that cannot be just accepted without objection, therefore the throne must be retaken and justice served. Player`s objective is to build a powerful city and overcome the obstacles to achieve his goal. He has to ally or compete with other players in this struggle. Niborea is a mixture of resource management and fort-building, and a role-playing game, where a player controls the hero by assigning him on quests, looks after his equipment and makes sure the hero advances to higher levels. Interaction between players is crucial. Players can slow each other down, do some damage, or help each other on the way to their goal. In Niborea, no player can be completely eliminated. After each attack, you can get back on your feet and take revenge on the attacker! Besides finishing the story you can achieve victory over a continent, where up to 25 players can play. A player or an alliance that gets enough victory points will win the continent.

The Story: - The young exiled prince is arriving to a remote city on the far continent of Niborea. His sexy stepmother is sitting on the throne that is rightfully his; she used physical and other charms to get into his father`s, the ageing king`s, favour, and later into his bed. She was such a career woman. Before the king died, his first born child got two more siblings and was short a crown. His sweet stepmother charmed the king to such an extent that he appointed his younger son, back then only a baby, to become the ruler. Until the baby grows up, his mother, the shrewd sorceress, will be the ruler in his stead. She became the ruler of the kingdom and sent the disinherited prince to rule the smallest and most remote part of the kingdom, so that he wouldn`t be able to conspire against her. It was such a gunk-hole that the prince had never before heard about it. However, the young Prince of royal blood has no intentions of letting it be and he wants to get back the throne that is rightfully his! In order to do that, he needs to build a powerful fort and gather an army. He also needs some help from a player! Enter Niborea and fight! Fight for the throne and for revenge.''


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