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GetAmped 2
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GetAmped 2 is a 3D Free to Play, fast-paced Action Fighting MMO Game.

''Fight through the burning battle with your opponent and survive till the end... That is GetAmped2. In Wingdom, the main world of GetAmped2, a mysterious organization called the "Val Shark Army" are at large and many terrorist attacks are being made. Even the "Mega Force", the peace keeping force of Wingdom is troubled by them. Though you were invited as a GAT fighter, you will be involved in the heroic battle against the Val Shark Army. Clear the missions and the quests that are given, and defeat the Val Shark Army!

Story: A.D. 2120. Nearly half a century after mankind first jumped out of the solar system and had numerous unexpected encounters in the center of the Galaxy.... In the Earth's second satellite, the floating city of Wingdom, The second act of the GetAmped Tournament has begun! Through all around the world, even from outer space, came well-known fighters to prove that they are the best. The Tournament looked like the ultimate opportunity to choose who the No.1 fighter was. Because the Tournament was a memorial tournament to introduce the planet Earth to the Galaxy, the people were excited as if they were celebrating the new start of mankind. On the other hand, a conspiracy of the mysterious terrorist organization the "Val Shark Army" and other foreign countries that did not want the tournament to succeed was surrounding Wingdom.''




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