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Absolute Force Online

Absolute Force Online

Saturday, 22 December 2012 16:50 mmoraw
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Absolute Force Online (AFO) is a Free to Play, Shooter MMO Game.

''Absolute Force Online (AFO) offers an abundant amount of customization. You start by choosing your faction and gender. You can go with Justice Hand, which are basically the good guys. Or you can go with the Fallen Angels, a group of merciless killers. From there you choose your hair style and color, face type, skin color, facial details – such as tattoos, body tattoos, and at the end you choose your character name. The customization does not end with character creation. After you have made your character, you can continue to customize him by buying and wearing from a lot of clothing options. From a hilarious panda suit to your typical soldier uniform.

There are currently two types of Battlefields in Absolute Force Online, the Classic Battlefield and the exclusive Hero Battlefield. In Classic Battlefield, players can only use first person view, while in the Hero Battlefield, both first & third person view are selectable. What’s more, in most of the modes, after a certain number of deaths, the character will be able to turn into a Hero with highly increased power and abilities. Featuring 7 exciting game modes, including Arsenal Mode and Vehicle Mode, all of which are sure to bring out the hunter in you!

In Arsenal Mode, the goal is to kill other players, but with every player you kill, you will earn different weapons. In some maps your gun will become better and better. Upgrades run from a pistol to a rifle, a machine gun, and even a grenade launcher! There are also maps that give a handicap for each kill, so the better you are, the harder it will be to win!

In Vehicle Mode, players have access to different helicopters, allowing the use of machine guns and missiles to attack your enemies. If your enemy is in a helicopter, you can pick up the weapon cases on the ground to swat down the annoying flies.

Zombie Mode requires humans to unite to defend Zombies. The goal is to kill all Zombies or make sure at least 1 human being survives when time is up. It’s not an easy task, because Zombies are controlled by players, too. Besides, when humans are infected, they become Zombies! Weapons randomly appear in the map and human power has a chance to increase for a while when attacking Zombies. Make full use of the terrain and try your best to survive! Of course, if Zombies infect all humans, Zombies will win.''



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