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Outernauts is a free to play, Facebook social game, science fiction adventure Role-Playing MMO, from Insomniac Games.

Outernauts offer an interesting science fiction universe for exploration, with plenty of planets, each with their own set of quests and dungeons, and lots of thing to do. The graphics and sound are good for this type of game, and the beauty of the game universe demonstrate the creativity of the producer, providing unique experiences. The immersive world of the game, give to the player an dinamic gameplay. The combat system, in the form of asynchronous battles, demands that players to plan with attention the strategy, and carefully manage their party of monsters, and also requires to pay attention to the specifics of each monster. You can fight against variety of monsters, and also battles between friends are possible (PVP). Outernauts is fun and more deeply than you can expect for a Facebook game, and might provide many hours of gaming, even for the pretentious gamers.




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