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Dragon Knights - DK Online
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Dragon Knights (DK Online) is a Free to Play, Action-Packed Role Playing MMO Game.

''DK Online is a completely free-to-play anime-styled MMORPG. It was developed by SG Internet in conjunction with RPG Factory and published by Aeria Games. A social game with a strong focus on PvP, DK Online encourages you to team up with other players to overcome the toughest challenges and have the most fun!

DK Online features 4 robust classes, each tailored to a variety of gameplay strategies. Currently, players can explore Latos through the eyes of a Warrior, Sorceress, Shadowmage, or Paladin. Players can engage in 1-on-1 duels or go all out with Castle Sieges, in which your guild teams up with other guilds in an effort to seize a castle or defend it.The in-game currency in DK Online is called Florin. Florin can be used to purchase many of the items you will need while exploring the world."




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