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Heroes of the Realm (HotR)
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Heroes of the Realm or HotR in short, is a Free to Play, Browser-Based card battle/collecting MMO Game with strategic Role Playing elements.

Heroes of the Realm is one of the good example of how to blend two or more game genres (Role Playing and card battle/collecting), you can build up armies, construct kingdoms, and take on the task of managing and ruling the land, but this is not all, the combat is actually card-based and involve some strategicaly thinking.

The graphics are 2D but that does not mean it is not decent. The sound is weird, meaning if you do not see what's happening on screen and only you can hear the sound, definitely you will think that runs a XXX film, sometime is so funy, no one on the verge of dying making sounds like those.

The Story: ''Heroes from across the Realm of Midland were called to arms to fight in the inter-dimensional, Second Eternal War, that disrupted the very balance between Midland, Heaven, and the Underworld. The Heroes fought valiantly to end the 1-year strife between the Angels and the Demons, and were ready to return home to their realm. 300 years had passed since the Heroes’ departure to war in the alternate dimension. Without the Heroes to keep the peace, the once unified kingdom of VeniZin has now fallen into 3 kingdoms. In the eyes of the Heroes though, only 1 year had passed during their courageous campaign in the Second Eternal War of the different dimension.The Heroes of the Realm, the most powerful army of Midland that brought stability to the dimensions, have long since been forgotten after 300 years. They return but have no king, no country, no home; a forgotten army of myth and legend. They now seek a valiant leader to help build a new kingdom, to lead them to victory, and to once again taste glory.''





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