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Feudon is a Free to play, Browser Based Role-Playing MMO Game.

''Most players know at the first beginning that Training is significantly important to Heroes but often they miss the part paralleled with Training: Adventures. Hero’s Trait Points which come in three types have intimate relations with his combat power and Adventures is the main way to raise his Trait Points. (Betterment cards have the same effects on Heroes)

Each Hero has 3 types of Traits: - Leadership - Which Engine troops should pay good attention to. Leadership affects troops’ physical damage and defense against physical damage. Physical damage is mainly released by Engine troops, plus some RS heroes who have physical damage attached. So Engine troops and those RS heroes should enhance their Leadership points. Other troops can do so to strengthen their defense against physical damage.Engine troops can be firmly relied on to conquer maps especially in early phases. - Bravery - Which RS heroes need most. Bravery affects troops’ RS damage and defense against RS damage. RS damage is the damage released by RS heroes when their Rage Points reach 100 and the Rage Skill is launched. So RS heroes should enhance their Bravery points. Other troops can do so to strengthen their defense against RS damage. As for Horses are expensive to get upgraded, Bravery points and the technology of Charge should be of greater importance to RS heroes. - Intelligence - Which means a lot to Tactical troops. Intelligence affects troops’ Tactical damage and defense against Tactical damage. Tactical damage is the damage of Tactical troops, so Tactical troops should enhance their Intelligence points. Other troops can do so to strengthen their defense against Tactical troops.

Tactical troops are under some circumstances invincible for the fact that their damage cannot be blocked or missed. To increase the defense against Tactical damage, no type of equipment is applicable and only Intelligence points and the technology of Analyze are the options. But still you need to think twice before building a Tactical array for getting a Red Ring takes both money and luck.

Auto Adventures - In auto Adventures, heroes can go adventures automatically. What you need to do is just to select the trait type(s) you want to raise and then input the adventure times. When finished, it will choose the biggest increase as the result of adventures. If one trait type reaches or is close to the limit before it finishes, auto adventures would just stop so unnecessary expenditures on Exploits or Gold could be avoided. It sounds like a way to go!''



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