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Cyber Monster
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Cyber Monster is a Free to Play, Browser Based Role-Playing MMO Game.

''Based on a magical storyline in the European Middle Ages, Cyber Monster provides a thrilling world where players grow up as they overcome hoards of difficulties on the fantastic journeys.

There is an array of paper dolls to match up, pets to select and mounts to ride in the game.The lovely turn-based game features the fantastic scenes, cute monsters, stunning skill effects and various gameplays that include flying with the mounts, raising pets, casting magic, and making friends, etc.

Background - Hundreds of years ago, the Shadow Dragon befell on the continent and spread the evil Shadow Shards to everywhere in an attempt to control the world by corrupting everything. As the corrupted creatures were becoming unusually frantic, the people on the continent were in danger… In order to fight against the Shadow Dragon, angel, dragon, human, elf and other races united together, quested the way to purify the Shadow Dragon by following the prophecy and finally sealed it, purifying the evil presence. But as what the prophecy says, the Shadow Dragon will wake up a hundred years later… Now, a hundred years has passed. The land is experiencing a tremendous mutation. To fight against the Shadow Dragon, Angelic Group has picked 4 Angels of Guardian as the prophecy says. Now our heroes take on the journey.''



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