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Istaria is a Free to Play, Role Playing MMO Game featuring an strong Community of Crafters and Adventurers.

Istaria - ''Are you looking for a game where community matters ? Are you looking for a game where you build your own town from hundreds of buildings ? And a game where exploration leads to great adventure ? Istaria is that game.

Characters - There's only one world where you can play as a dragon. Are you ready to soar over the mountains of Dralnok? There are 11 races that you can play. Are you ready to create your dragon, fiend, saris, or dwarf? School and skill based progression allows you continue to expand your character, shifting from being a Warrior to a Mage and then an Alchemist.

Community - Does the idea of placing every structure on your plot from a list of over 100 buildings keep you up at night as you become the architect your own piece of the world? Can you imagine designing a 7 story underground labyrinth and then flying through at top speed with your dragon? Are you the person who will manage and store the resources involved with your guild's construction projects?

Crafting - Are you the player who will craft a sword with carefully built stages of production, inscribed with your personal trademark, and finally techniqued to allow maximum damage ? Can your guild count on you to excavate ore from deep in the Aughundell mines and smelt out the high quality mithril needed for your guild's building project ? ''




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Thanks for finally talking about >Istaria

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