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Born to Fire
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Born to Fire is a Free to Play, 3D First Person Shooter MMO Game with fluid gameplay and a good oriented class-based system.

Born to Fire represents the most eloquent example of classic Shooter Game but with something extra at character balancing system, you will not see somthing like level 40+ players against one of Level 3, the game is very balanced and in this way the game becomes more fun for all players not just for some.

Graphically speaking Born to Fire is looking ok, i guess, nothing out of this world, the game graphics it just simply work, It has low system requirements, and plays seamlessly even on low-spec computers. Of corse, Born to Fire have the usual gun slinging, missile launching, grenade throwing with 5 unique classes to choose from and the other litle things that make gamers more happier, who like shooting at each other, virtually of course.

Overall, Born to Fire have that something to makes it different from the rest of the FPS (First Person Shooter) herd, is definitely above average. So, in the end is highly recommended for those who like accessible and furious fun Games.




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