Scarlet Blade - recently announce by Aeria games

Sunday, 04 November 2012 13:16 mmoraw
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Scarlet Blade will be a Free to Play, Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game featuring elite, genetically engineered warriors.

Closed Beta signups for Scarlet Blade are now live and promises to be at least one interesting fantasy MMO game.

''Mankind is almost extinct. In its hour of need, it turns to elite, genetically engineered warriors. You are one of these warriors. You are the last hope of humanity.
Fight for Humanity - Pushed to the brink of extinction, mankind's last hope lies in the warriors that they've engineered to fight the battles that normal humans can't. Draw your blade and secure a better future for all!
Full-Scale PvP Combat - Only the strongest survive in a world ravaged by constant warfare. Punish your foes in arenas, staggering 50v50 or 80v80 battlegrounds, or a huge open PvP zone in a constant state of conflict!
Mechanical Mayhem - When in dire need, jump in your massive mech and destroy everything in your path. If all hope seems lost, take control of this behemoth and show no mercy to the enemies of mankind!
A Gorgeous World - The land may be under siege, but its beauty is worth fighting for. From lush jungles to snowy peaks to labyrinthine caves, you'll explore every last inch as you fight against humanity's oppressors!''


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