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MechWarrior Online
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MechWarrior is a premium Free to Play, tactical BattleMech shooter MMO Game featuring giant robots fighting.

''MechWarrior Online is a tactical BattleMech simulation game. You are to become the pilot of some of the most powerful mechanical battle units the universe has ever seen. Pilots, such as yourself, are known as MechWarriors and are the best of the best in terms of controlling these highly articulate yet sensitive pieces of military might. A true MechWarrior knows the operational limits of the BattleMechs they pilot which cover a myriad of metrics such as heat, mass and critical space. These metrics are always on the mind of a MechWarrior and how the systems are performing under the stress of combat.

MechWarrior Online puts MechWarriors into a first-person, team-based, tactical battle zone where the victors swim in the spoils of war and are rewarded with the all mighty C-Bill (in game currency). One of the major gameplay mechanics of MechWarrior Online is team communication. Whether it be in game chat, integrated C3 or a third party VOIP solution, keeping in constant communication with your teammates will drastically increase your team’s chances of success. Helping to support this notion of communication are the various roles of Mechs and their pilots. Fast moving scouts can feed target and tactical information back to the main battle group and the team commander. This information allows the support and assault role pilots decide where to put their resources to work. Long-range fire support and heavy hitting Assault class Mechs will use this invaluable information to finish the job at hand.

LIGHT BATTLEMECHS - Ranging from 20-35 tons, these Light BattleMechs move fast and strike without warning. In order to get these high rates of speed, the Light BattleMech takes speed over armor and weapon systems. Don?t let that fool you however, the Light BattleMech?s speed and agility allow it to pick apart their opponents by doing high speed strafing runs which heavier BattleMechs can have a difficult time countering with their slower movement speeds. Light BattleMechs also make for great scouts and are capable of reaching the front lines quickly to start relaying target information back to the main battle group.

MEDIUM BATTLEMECHS - These 40-55 ton brawlers are the versatile infantry of a battle group. It is the Medium BattleMech?s ability to carry a very wide range of weapon systems, and balance of speed and armor, that make them unique and very dangerous opponents on the battlefield. While not able to match the speed of the faster Light BattleMechs, the Medium is still an agile foe to the Heavy and Assault class BattleMechs.

HEAVY BATTLEMECHS - The Heavy BattleMech weighs in at 60-75 tons. Speed and agility are not really at the top of the list when it comes to the Heavy BattleMech?s defining traits. However, heavier armor and weapon payloads are. The Heavy BattleMech is capable of sustaining long-range fire support while keeping some mobility to deal with close quarter combat.

ASSAULT BATTLEMECHS - The giants of the battlefield, the 80-100 ton Assault BattleMechs are the firepower kings of the battlefield. Sheering off armor and punching hole through components are what the Assault BattleMech is all about. Speed and agility are almost comical when it comes to configuring an Assault BattleMech but when it comes to armor and weapon systems, there is nothing funny about what they?ll be bringing to the fray. An Assault BattleMech is something to be feared when one on one and when supported by friendly units, it will become your worst nightmare.''




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