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District 187 - Sin Streets
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District 187 - Sin Streets is a Free to Play, FPS (First Person Shooter) MMO Game.

''District 187 takes place in a urbanized setting where gangs run rampant and the police enforce the meaning of peace. As with all our games, players can download and play District 187 without paying a penny! No cash or credit card required! Just download, play and enjoy!

Expansive Clan and Achievement System - Band together with friends. Track your progress with our in-game achievement system. Accept daily missions and receive ranks, titles and other rewards!

Automated Tournament System - This new game mode will be released in the game's first major update after launch and will allow players to host and participate in regular tournaments for prizes and more!''

The actual gameplay is something you see in one hundred of shooter game before, even more negative impression when talking about character animation & movement, and even more sometime, the bulet pass through solid objects. If you have time to waste you should seriously think to read a book instead of playing this game, or ... maybe, I became too demanding ?




Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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