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RaiderZ is a Free to Play, Action Role-Playing MMO Game featuring an unique gameplay, thanks to the non-targeting system, taking place in a Fantasy environment.

RaiderZ, the new Action-RPG Game, it is being published both in US and Europe, a lot of people were waiting for, since it's F2P (free-to-play) and it resembles with TERA but in comparation with him is much much more than a regular Action game begining from the spectacular, stunning good looking graphics quality, continuing with the natural muvement of the game caracters and end up with the inovative non-targeting system. Oh, one more thing... the skill animations and the monsters are nicely designed.

RaiderZ gameplay is based on the Non-Targeting battle sistem, is a gameplay which requires user's skill and control to hit and evade, you must actually try it to fully understand his uniqueness. Fighting against large monsters called Epic Monsters (this doesn’t mean that there are only large monsters in the game) will be the main atraction of the game. You can fight against small or regular sized monsters and there are many quests related to those monsters to, everything that a gamer could wish.

In conclusion, RaiderZ is lot of fun like no other Action game you ever played, you will got a pleasant surprise playing this game and end up, like my, by discovering that you become an addicted person, in a good sense. I personally recommend this game.




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