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Pirate101 is a Free to Play, Fantasy Pirate-themed MMO Game featuring strategy-focused play style and an unique turn-based combat system.

Pirate101 uses a similar cartoon style art design and architecture to Wizard101, creating an attractive, cutting edge graphics system, while the game is free to play (F2P), developer KingsIsle Entertainment offers virtual goods for purchase as well as prepaid bundle packages and game cards as select retailers.

You will be able to build and modify your own pirate ship, from choosing the crew that helps fly it, to the image flying off the mast, it’s totally up to you. Pirate101 has one of the most unique combat systems seen in today’s MMO games, it’s turn-based, it delivers depth and strategy that a typical real-time combat system cannot deliver. Players take it in turns to use spells and abilities, and the majority of both are connected to some really high-quality animations. The combat isn’t just restricted to land-lovers, aerial combat is also available thanks to the flying pirate ships.

The best aspects to Pirate101 is the fantasy setting, you can expect to encounter dozens of monster types, from vicious sharks to the eery undead, with all enemies having a unique set of powers and abilities. Pirate101 is a game not to be missed even if you are missing all fingers or both of your hands, this will not give you an excuse not to play this unique and magnificent Game.




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