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Pokemonium is an Open source, Pokemon Role Playing MMO Game.

"Pokemonium is an open source Pokemon MMORPG that is based off of the Pokenet server files. Coded in java this project is being developed by -DefaulT and the community of RaGEZONE."

The game starts just after the Professor has given you your Pokémon. You start off in a small town, kind of seems like a dead town. The battle system to Pokémonium is intuitive and easy to understand, too many keyboard presses are needed but overall, did not bother you. The graphics of the Pokemonium are 2D meaning is very old and dusty but I do not think that Pokemon fans will be annoyed too much about it as long as they have duels with Pokemons.

Pokemonium is a great idea for the fans of Pokemon and with all the goodness in the game and, curently, so early in the Beta, is expected that the game to become a good choices when will be released.



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