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Shadowland - Online
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Shadowland is a Free to Play, Browser based, social strategy MMO Game that combines fantasy with real history.

"Shadowland Online is a social strategy game that combines fantasy with real history. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world called God's Continent where humans fight for survival against the dark lich Ossanal and his undead army from another world. The setting is a fantasy world full of dark shadowlands, where evil and holy magic are at odds with each other after being ravaged by the dark side. As a player, you fight for the side of good as a Nobilis, Tribal, or Mercenary member, a remnant human race from the last apocalypse of Ossanal. Even in such a chaotic world, humans continue to fight humans for influence, as a greater evil attempts to take over the entire continent. However, having realized they need a greater power to endure the undead, they have acquired a powerful piece of the St. Eloi gem, bringing the story into a twisted fantasy-meets-real-history scenario. Through the Eloi gem, humans have reached out into real ages of history to seek the power of real historical heroes and legends. Players will be taken on an exotic conquest from ancient Rome to medieval England where massive armies and heroes such as Spartacus attempt to destroy your alien presence as you try to complete your own goals.

With the power of a St. Eloi Gem fragment, your kingdom wizards have created the Gate of Ages, a portal capable of allowing you to time-space travel to different ages. You will have the chance to conquer the well known ages of eastern and western history to acquire legendary heroes and find a lost St Eloi gem fragment to further empower your army, empire, and Gate of Ages back home. With your strengthened army, defend against your home's local and regional invaders and build new alliances. Having pieces of the Eloi gem will also become increasingly important for you to open up new ages housing additional pieces of the Eloi. Through all your travels, you will have gained an epic amount of wisdom through battle with all varieties of armies ranging from Phalanx formation troops to Spartans, acquired many legendary allies to be part of your army, and have prepared enough to fight off the darkness that plagues God's Continent.

Known heroes from King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans in Thermopylae to Genghis Kahn to King Arthur of the Round Table will not willingly come with you when you unknowingly invade their lands. But when you best them in battle they will have no choice, and when they realize why you have come, they may willingly join you. If you succeed in besting these great individuals, you will be able to command some of the greatest leaders, tacticians, and warriors of all time in an effort to save your world and theirs as well."



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