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War of Angels
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War of Angels is a Free to Play, Fantasy-themed Role Playing MMO Game.

War of Angels is an old game but now, he has undergone a radical change with its latest update, adventurers can explore all of the game content for free, Neowiz Games overhauled game’s graphics, questing system and added new Realm vs Realm battlegrounds for good and evil factions to fight it out in for rare and epic rewards. Furthermore, new quests are available along the new Bog Temple endgame dungeon and lots of new loot, a real massive rebirth and step into a completely new game.

„With various types of wings which users may purchase and gain as a quest reward. When the wings are equipped and being activated, users can fly with the wings for several minutes and the available flying period is shown with the gage on the screen as below. To reactivate the wings, users need to wait for the certain time. There are various types of wings, not only the appearance but they have slightly different ability. Users can have strategic combat with various types of wings.

Deathblow - Depending on hitting, powerful attack is available. Depending on hitting, certain amount of critical attack gauge increases. The Death Blow Gauge can be filled to level 3. The more the opponent's Death Blow Gauge is filled, the more damage it receives when you use the Death Blow skill. The opponent is also stunned when it receives the Death Blow.”



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