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Dungeon Rampage
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Dungeon Rampage is a Free to Play, Action-Packed MMO Game featuring arcade style gameplay and synchronous online multiplayer action.

In Dungeon Rampage you can do what can be done in any other Action MMO game but in a 2D (two dimensional) environment. Despite the lack of any advanced 3d graphics the game look decent, meybe a litle more vivid colours would not be a bad thing to add, especially because the game enviroment look much too dull and in time the boredom will make its presence felt.

The gameplay of Dungeon Rampage is like a one, long and endless dungeon, there is no other places to fight than in dungeons (excepting the pvp) you move on the fighting maps from one dungeon to the other and so on and between them you go back to the town. I know it sound boring but in reality is not so, especialy because, anyway this game seems to be made to be played during breaks between other activities.

So, in the end Dungeon Rampage is a good and a viable alternative to solitaire game, but for a hardcore gamer it will be, yet another big disappointment.



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