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Urban Rivals
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Urban Rivals is a Free to Play, multi-platform Collectible Card MMO Game built around a deck of eight character cards with manga style influences.

Urban Rivals is a free multi-platform online trading card game with more than 700 characters to discover and still counting, collect and level up by fighting, live, against players from all over the world. In game, you represent one of the clans trying to gain control of Clint City, and are out to show that your clan is the top dog in town.

The actual gameplay is built around a deck of eight character cards, four of the eight cards will be picked at random and placed on the board. Battles are one on one with other real live persons, players take turns picking their character to battle with for that round. The game can end early if one player manages to completely waste the other players life causing it to lose by KO, but usually the game will end after four quick rounds in which the player with the most life left remaining wins.

Overall, Urban Rivals is an extraordinarily game, simple to learn and fairly complicated, tactically speaking. It is so easy to learn that don't even need a tutorial to learn how to play it, there is absolutely no reason not to give this game a try.




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