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Knight Age
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Knight Age is a Free to Play, Fantasy cartoonish style Role-Playing MMO Game, featuring constantly changing "Instance Dungeon".

Knight Age storyline sound like this: "Creation of the World - Hayde World, a world where only beings Transcenders, including Gods, live, ‘Imirha.’ In this world filled with chaos, the gods led by Genni created a new world of order and other new creations to be with them in the new formed world. First, spirits are created to make a substance to structure the world. Second, fairies are created to maintain the world. Third, giants are created as workers to make the new world. Fourth, people are created to worship the gods.

Then, various animals and plants are created to make the world rich and the world is called Hayde World.

A War Begins - When Rhude’s Plan to destroy the world using the Humans failed, he opted to start a war ordering 72 Dark Lords to follow him. Through this war, Rhude succeeded in dividing the Drakes, who were the guardians of the world. All sentient life forms that will not bow down to Rhude’s oppression joined the army led by the main god Genni." The game story is more elaborated but in short you are the hero to save it and defeat the evil.

I want to be clear from the start, Knight Age is a kind of game like the one in that all characters and other personage, and even the mounts, have litle tiny ridiculously short legs. It is true that the mounts have tiny legs but when running it run like hell fast, o... and the mount is a cute and funny, overweight donkey, at least at the beginning, then you can access a more large variety of mounts.

In terms of graphics I can't complain about anything or something upsetting my tired red, gamer eyes, meaning that the game world look surprisingly fresh and alive with a good variety of bright optimistic colour. The animation of game caracters, monster and NPC (non playable caracters) are fluid and mimic the the real human movements quite well.

Knight Age gameplay is full of fun skill effect and large variety of wild monster fauna fightings. The only drawback is that it becoming repetitive if you don't make quests. Quests are above average, qualitatively speaking, and it gonna save gamers from a long life of boredom when want to growt in level. When you decided to ride a mount, if you want to kill something in your way it not necessary to unmount, just go ahead and kill it, is a nice feature to have in an action fantasy game and the auto path-finding is a charm.

Knight Age is a good game but not exactly for everyone, i talk about gamers irritated by too many cartoony short legged style games. I'm not to a big fan of these kind of games but it seems to be an exception, because Knight Age has managed to amuse me at the same time in which was able to be fun and entertaining a rare quality in a games this days. So, in the end, i really want that you to give this game a chance, especially as it seems that there has been made a lot of effort in making this game fun.




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