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Odin Quest
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Odin Quest is a Free to Play, 2D Role Playing MMO Game taking places in Iceland and surrounding countries during ist and 2nd century.

„Odin Quest is based on Nordic Myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during ist and 2nd century. Nordic Myth states the origin of the world, birth of the gods, characteristics of the gods, stories of the gods and the doom of the gods.

Odin Quest includes 5 classes: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Hunter, and Assassin.

Warrior - They have strong bodies and good at sword and blade. They are defensive human shields, and also offensive generator. They are good at hunting and fighting. Strong warriors can carry many items but walk freely and easily. However, their armors have low defense to magic.

Mage - They are good at magic, destroying enemies with fire, ice and magic. Long distance monomer damage or group attack is their masterpiece.

Priest - They are good at supporting and healing skills. With the honesty to the Gods, the Priests of Medagate heal and guard their companions.

Assassin - They are good at monomer damage, with ultrahigh crit rate. Successful Assassins can take action in shadow, hiding their trace. They are skillful in smart weapons. Sneaking and mystery are their aces.

Hunter - They are good at Good at multi-target attack, high accuracy. They are deadly shooters. They launch the attack in a long distance with guns or bows. They stay under safety when attacking, but their pets can attract the enemies and cause extra damage. All kinds of traps can help Hunters control the situation, while the high accuracy helps them become the controllers and attackers in any teams.”


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