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Sevencore is a Free to Play 3D, blend of sci-fi and Fantasy Action Role-Playing MMO Game.

Sevencore, an open world type game in a Steampunk environment and it have a lot of big maps to explore and more than 1000 of decent quests to solve, also promises many rich adventures for those ready to mount up and charge into battle. In Sevencore the pets are use as mounts, as offensive infantry, or for supporting your character. Sevencore has no dedicated healing class, this is where the importance of support pets comes in. You can train them to heal, buff, and do all kinds of useful skills to keep your party in the action.

If you will decide to go on foots, it will take some ages to explore all maps... so is a good idea to use a mount, a flying mount if you can get one. I do not need to speak about graphical quality because the game screenshots and the video speak for themselves.

In the end, Sevencore is a high quality game, a real nice game to try and you will not get bored if you play it even for a long period of time.



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