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Bless Mobile
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Bless Mobile is a Game on Android , Role-Playing Action , New free and Multiplayer .

- A Variety of Races and Classes - 4 Races and 5 Classes with their own unique characteristics. Choose your own class and maximize your true potential .

- Amazing Character Customization - Top quality customization at your fingertips. Create your special character that no one yet has seen.

- A Dynamic Battle System - Exciting battles with powerful skills and superb actions . Jump into intense battles with danger around every corner.

- An Expansive Array of Activities - Hone your Life Skills through fishing, gathering, and even unique adventures ! Play the game at your own pace and experience to the fullest .

- A Guild for Everyone - Join a guild and play with players from all across the globe . Build up your guild's headquarters with your brothers-in-arms .

- Stunning Graphics that You've Only Dreamed of - Lifelike visuals with beautiful sceneries . Experience a true fantasy in high-quality graphics .