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Bullet Run
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Bullet Run is a Free to Play, fast-paced, First person shooter Multiplayer Online Game with nice graphics.

"Set in the near future, the game features the hottest new reality TV game show, Bullet Run, where performance is everything - simply gaining the kill does not win your character fame. Style and attitude, combined with a hair trigger and cat-like reflexes, will bring contestants the fame they crave. Players, also known as "Contestants," battle to the death with ammo, weapons and attitude. With fame on the line, an array of customization options will allow players to create unique looks for their characters and ensure the style system spotlight is on them. Matches take place in a variety of settings, each of which provides a different mix of tactical options, play styles and equipment options. Through a revolutionary "Synth" technology, these reality stars will die, re-incarnate into a new body and jump right back into the action until the match is complete."

Bullet Run look great, graphically speaking but when it come to the actual gameplay the game make you feel like you are in a crowded storeroom, the map are so small that if you spit with more greater forces you reach the opposite end of the map. Come on, I know is hard to make huge maps but this is ridiculous.

Overall, Bullet Run can be a good game, even great one, but it need larger maps and a more decent character animation, or maybe... some realistic weapon behaviour.


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