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Baby Shark Run Away
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Baby Shark Run Away is a Game on Android , Arcade Action , New and free .

The story of the baby shark's new adventure, Baby Shark Run Away , a mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends . Be the main character of a thrilling story with friends from all over the world .

The wonderful and beautiful sea that stretches out endlessly is also mysterious. But nobody knows what's going on in the deep sea.

What happened ? The shark family friends are in danger

The mysterious and beautiful sea is becoming strange and dangerous. A mysterious underwater journey on a submarine ! Rescue your friends from the sea full of villains and danger .

Compete with users from all over the world to see

who can go further,

how many points you can collect,

and whether you can rescue more friends, to get the most points out of them all.

Game Features :

- A diverse collection - Choose the one that best suits your baby shark among numerous submarines .

- Treasure & Friends - Explore the underwater world to meet various treasures and friends .

- Numerous dangers - It gets even more exhilarating as you narrowly avoid traps .

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