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Kingdom of Pirates
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Kingdom of Pirates is a Game on Android , Role-Playing New free and Multiplayer .

“Captain! Merchantman spotted! Let’s plunder!”

- Get Ready for the next level Pirate-themed Strategy-SLG! Train your army of the Pirate fleet, and start your miraculous Journey of Conquer!

- Commencing on an immersive sea-going adventure, delving into the mystic ocean; Seizing to the fortified outposts, and discovering unknown islands. Complete new levels of challenges that are waiting for you to unload!

- You will meet all kinds of beauties on the way and the chance to talk to them intimately! What are you waiting for? Come and collect your harem of beauties and be the most debonair Pirate King!

- Fun PVP modes, exciting joint raids, thoughtful crew recruitment, and friendly Union growing! All of which are tactical and helps you to upgrade your Pirate force .

Game Features :

- Exquisite scenes revivifications bring you back to the real 15th Century seafaring adventures!

- A Strategy EDU-Simulation game where you train your Pirate fleet and flagships to defend your Empire! Keep your supremacy enduring and stay prosperous!

- You will trigger a series of random events when you seize onto fortified outposts, expand various sea-routes or through completing different levels of challenges. The mystic sea is waiting for you to unveil!

- You will meet all kinds of beauties and collect them to expand your Harem; while our thrilling inheritance formation feature allows you to raise a strong estate of descendants to keep your lineage immortal!

- Choose a birth force for your inheritors, and remember to recruit fellow Pirates and level them up to raise your influence.

- Three types of forces -

- Caribbean - The overlord of the Bahamas route with Bartholomew Roberts as the leader of the force. Collapsed and disordered legal systems are its distinctive characteristics.

- Europa - The overlord of the Atlantic Sea route with Francis Drake as the leader of the force. Expeditious iterations and transitions are its distinctive characteristics.

- Mediterranean - The overlord of the pan-Mediterranean Sea route with Barbarossa as the leader of the force. The ability to revive and overcoming hardships are its distinctive characteristics .

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