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Pockie Pirates
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Pockie Pirates is a Free to Play, browser Role-Playing MMO Game featuring traditional, turn-based combat.

„Combining formation gameplay from strategy game with cute anime scenes, Pockie Pirates presents the fun of traditional turn-based combats in a fabulous, relaxing and thrilling way with dynamic flash effects.

Battle System - Battle is the main way that players obtain EXP and Prestige. Battle Operation: The battle employs auto combat mode in which players set the formations and crews before the battle to let crews release skills based on turns.

Crew Attribute System: Player creates the character to enter the game. The character is a high quality crew with four basic attributes of strength, wit, constitution and agility. There is no need to manually add attribute points after crew upgrade, reducing player’s exploration time on the early phase and making game easier. Skill System: Each profession has its own unique skill. Players obtain skill points via upgrade to discover skill. Skill discovery and pair up is one of the key selling points in the game. Aptitude SystemIt exists as passive skill and can increase fighting power of player’s all crew, such as HP, Attack Speed, Strength, Wit, Hit, Dodge, Critical Hit and other attributes. When the player grows to a certain extent, it can also activate professional Aptitude skill (active skill) to greatly increase fighting power.”


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