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Indy Cat 2
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Indy Cat 2 is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Indie Cat is a legendary traveler who makes his way to find the ancient artifact . Together, you will visit lots of abandoned places - Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and the Country of the Rising Sun. Who knows where the Ball of Fate will get you .

Love seeking treasures, contemplating jewels, crystals, and gemstones; and training your brain with sophisticated jigsaws? Take Indie Cat and go on the mind-boggling journey . Refined graphics, brilliant soundtrack, diverse gameplay, and breathtaking plot will help you feel yourself a fearless treasure hunter.

HUNDREDS OF LEVELS - Tons of eye-catching and elaborate levels with weekly updates. Regular updates on bonus puzzles, jigsaws, riddles, locations, and cute cats will make your adventure exciting and great fun.

STORY - Indie Cat travels across the world, looking for the Ball of Fate. The story game will let you join and watch his journeys: after you complete a chapter, you will enjoy a comic telling about Cat’s adventures in the location you completed.

DOZENS OF LOCATIONS - Roam through 60 various maps: real countries, fantasy worlds, underwater realms. Solve puzzles and explore new areas!

WELL-KNOWN GAMEPLAY - You must know what 3-in-a-row—or, match 3–games are. It’s like riding a bicycle: played once, you will never forget how to!

CLANS - Form clans with your friends, save your mates, or get lives from them. Win clan tournaments and get prizes. Chat and discuss the ways to solve puzzles.

FANCY GRAPHICS & EFFECTS - The gameplay absorbs you from the very beginning, while picturesque places, refined graphics, and awesome effects will capture your attention so you cannot leave the adventure.

GAMEPLAY EVENTS - Indie Cat hosts plenty of game events. Take part and win them all! Jigsaw after jigsaw, puzzle after puzzle, riddle after riddle—everyone can get the share!


Want to continue playing during a no-connection commute or when on a picnic? You got it. This free game is also available offline.

A cat game you have been dreaming of .

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