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Car Mechanic Simulator
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Car Mechanic Simulator is a Game on Android , Simulation New and free .

Do you like twisting the screws ? Do you love tinkering with the engine ? Can't take your eyes off the electrical wiring ? Then this game was created especially for you .

Everything is very simple here, you buy a wreck, the car is not on the move, with a bunch of defects and you can transform this pile of scrap metal completely for the condition which the buyer is ready to pay a tidy sum. This is the life of a real auto mechanic .

Game Features :

- A lot of cars, both Soviet-made and quite modern.

- Even more varied breakdowns, for each you need to choose your own key, i.e. find a way to fix it.

- Intuitive gameplay, all actions in the game are carried out by simple swipes or taps.

- Nice design

- Cool music

- A huge number of surprises .

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