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Pocket Legion
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Pocket Legion is a Game on Android , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

Build a big army in this 3D tactile auto chess war game and watch it clash with enemy underlords! Whether you use the knight, the archer, or even powerful heroes in your gang of magic, you can enjoy the game's unique art style as you battle enemies in the woods of Esperia .

- Esperia needs you - Create an army out of a multitude of unique heroes from seven different factions, get ready for war, and enjoy this tactile auto chess game as you earn rewards as you AFK .

- Play while you relax - Let your heroes fight for you when you log off! Reap the rewards when you log on .

- Employ unique strategies - Strategize! Combine heroes, skills and factional bonuses to outplay your enemies .

- Enjoy a variety of adventures - Embark on a voyage of wonder and visit long-forgotten lands. The world of Esperia awaits you .

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