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Lost of Legend (LOL)
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Lost of Legend (LOL) Free to Play, Browser Based Action, Role Playing MMO Games.

Lost of Legend (LOL) is an Action Games (ARPG) featured with real-time combat. LOL (Lost of Legend) is bound to deliver the most bizarre, surreal experiences for gamers. With intense gameplay, LOL is indeed an ideal option to kill boredom.

„Game Background - Ashes to ashes, dust to dustHeroes have gone with the wind. Yet their names have been marked down in poems. It is a story about people in the remote pasta. In a rich yet mysterious land named Guzel did they live. Zutan was the only conqueror. His descendants carved the land up into three kingdoms. Azure Mountains, the northern kingdom of justice and courage. Emu, the western kingdom of ideal and faith. Luna, the eastern kingdom of wisdom and persistence. Power in Azure Mountains guarded the land. Luna Wisdom brought advanced technology. And the people in Emu produced abundant food with their magic. For a long time, peacefully had they lived. Yet one day. A comet named Lasting fell down on Luna. A cruel sheikh named Wanson. Of the barbarian hordes Isak. Freed the demon army that god El sealed in remote ages. And closed the El Temple following Gesanuyel’s order. Thereafter, battles raged in the land.

Fighting Rules of the Battlefield - In the battlefield, players can use inventory, rent equipments with Gold or Gold Ingot, or buy items with Gold. You won’t drop items or equipment when you are killed and your name will not turn red for killing others. There will be two teams in the battlefield, with a maximum of 10 players of each. Games will begin only when there are three or more players of each side.”



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