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Cartoon Strike
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Cartoon Strike is a Game on PC , Acrion Shooter , New free and Multiplayer

In the multiplayer game Cartoon Strike, each player is an employee of Gametoria inc. in the War and Fun department. Their job is exploration of different realities, which may, or may not, be real. They will travel to the times of World War II or into the future, where the clan conflict caused unrest .

Each reality has its own rules and aside from the default game modes, players can experience modes like Capture the Bag or Capture the Point .

The game offers you 7 maps with 5 different modes :

- Tounine - WWII with Germans and British forces in Team Deathmatch

- Arabian Night - medium-size map that takes place at night. Soldiers and terrorist will fight against each others in Arms Race game mode.

- Planet Khione - a snowy map from the future with Free-for-all mode

- Stream Houses - a war of streamers with Capture the point mode

- Airport - medium-size map with Capture the Bag mode

- Farm - remaster of old Farm map from online version with Free-for-all mode

- Prototype - collect coins in our testing map with Free-for-all mode .

- Leveling system

- Bonus boxes

- Achievements

- Daily Quests

- Anomalies

- Every map has different specialties

- Party system - play with friends

- You can customize your character with a lost of skins, weapons and other accessories .

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