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Boom Slingers
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Boom Slingers is a Game on Android , Action Strategy , New free and Multiplayer .

Boom Slingers is a new explosive turn-based action game . Battle with other Boom Slingers. Collect battle cards, characters and emotes - emojis. Fight your way up the leaderboards. Win loot from the matches .

Battle cards include weapons like special bomb, fireball, saw, laser attacks, bat, teleport, bazooka, jump, fly, TNT, sword, bow, cow and a chicken.

Collectable characters include dinosaur, cats, dogs, worms, illuminati, horse bro, bird, jelly, tank, skull, ghost, boss man, alien, anime waifu and so many more weird and fun creatures.

BETA RELEASE : All the main features are complete, but the game is still in-development. Your playtime and feedback at this point helps us plenty .

Game Features :

- 30+ Battle Cards

- 40+ Characters

- 20+ Emotes

- Bullet-time

- New Arenas Daily

- In-game Gachapon

- Global Leaderboard

- 2-player online battles

- Destructible terrains

LORE - Be ready to cause chaos ! Boom Slingers are small cross-dimensional creatures who discover their universe through epic 1v1 battles. No one knows where they came from, but they will definitely duel until the end of time.

GENERAL THEMES - humor, explosive accidents, skill shots, 2D physics, multiplayer, archery, slingshot .

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