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Dark Blood [Online]
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Dark Blood is a Free to Play, Action Role-Playing MMO Game, arcade brawler set in a fantasy realm.

Dark Blood is an electrifying free-to-play action RPG arcade brawler set in a fantasy realm where only the strong survive. The player has been travelling 500 years into the future to save a world threatened by a demon prophesized to have escaped capture. The player must relearn all skills lost in the journey and master the mysterious power of great fallen heroes to rid the world of evil. Bringing arcade thrills and chills online, this rapid-fire, side-scrolling, hack n slash brawler offers joystick controls, gamepad support, play as boss unlocks, and jaw-dropping customizations.

Description - In a world torn apart by power and greed, the sacrifice of four fallen heroes will drive their descendants to master a mysterious force, the last hope in defeating the insidious evil that consumes their universe.

In Dark Blood, dungeons are where all the action happens. Dungeons are where you will face fierce monsters, acquire loot, gain experience and sharpen your combat skills. Almost all dungeons have different difficulty settings you can choose. Certain difficulties settings are required to complete specific quests, so be on the look out for this. ! Don’t let your guard down, dungeons often change not just monster difficulty but the maps and paths you must take at higher difficulty settings!

Most dungeons are found on the edge of towns. If you observe the map of the town, you will see what dungeons are available in the area and also the level requirements for those dungeons..

Dark Blood currently has two modes of PvP: Field Dueling and the Arena. After reaching level 10, players will be able to challenge other players that are at least level 10 to a Duel in town. Use these opportunities to sharpen your fighting skills for Arena battles.”







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