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Whack a Bunny
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Whack a Bunny is a Game on Android , Arcade New and free .

Are you looking for a relaxing game and want to lay off your frustration? If your answer is yes, this addictive yet highly hilarious game is here to help you get rid of negative thoughts. Simply take your hammer and tap on screen to hit as many naughty bunnies’ heads as you can with accuracy. Locate the cartoon bunny and beat em up with a hammer strike.

The brand new Whack a Bunny : Tap Tap Hole Puzzle is a complete package of fun and entertainment for everyone .

Hilarious Bunny Blast Game - Test your reflex and become a pro to hunt down all the bunnies from every game level? Experience the thrill of hunting down cheeky bunnies and feel satisfaction in clearing them from your screen. Don’t let them ruin the farm and take away all the carrots.

Challenging Whack a Mole Game - Take a break from the conventional whack games and switch to a funnier and much more exciting hammer strike game now. Featuring a challenging yet highly appealing game play, this reflex test app is laden with interactive elements to help you regain your positivity by offering negative emotions an outlet. Smash as many heads as you want until you feel yourself at peace!

Beat em Up - Whack a mole right when you see it! A group of cheeky bunnies has invaded your game screen and it is hard to catch them with your basic skills. Turn into a mole exterminator by beating the moles out of their holes. Just Whack It

Game Features :

- Simple and easy UI/UX

- Clutter free game play and app design

- Interactive background music and sound effects

- Appealing graphic elements and design

- Tap as fast as you can to whack a mole

- 3 exciting game modes to play in your leisure time

- Increase your score with every bunny you knockout

- Let your anger out on cartoon bunnies

- Collect carrots by hitting bunnies with carrots in hand

- Hundreds of levels for your endless entertainment

- Stunning environments including park, desert & snow field and more.

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